2014 CLC Awardees






Calumet Connection/Dunes Kankakee: Trail Project

Project will connect the Historic Chesterton Downtown Business District to the South Calumet Business District via a multi‐use pathway along with a streetscape improvement for the South Calumet Roadway Corridor. This multi‐use pathway will also function as a segment of the Dunes‐Kankakee Trail. This funding will be for the planning of the streetscape elements which will include types of signage, lighting, street furniture, landscaping features, crosswalks, and bicycle amenities to enhance the non‐motorized options in this corridor. The planning will also incorporate ADA improvements.



Crown Point

North Street Corridor Vision and Guideline Plan: Connecting the Downtown Livable Center to the Broadway Corridor Project

Project proposes developing a corridor vision plan and related strategies to create a livable, sustainable, and context sensitive North Street Corridor from Main Street to Delaware Parkway. North Street now serves at the city’s main central vehicular connection and entryway.North Street now serves at the city’s main central vehicular connection and entryway.The North Street Master Plan will bring together stakeholders to collaboratively shape both short and long‐‐

‐term scenarios to strengthen and expand improved vehicular and pedestrian connectivity, coordinate new economic and revitalization projects, and to assure that land uses within the North Street Corridor and Downtown Livable Center are complementary to the edicts of livable center.



East Chicago

East Chicago transit Oriented Development: Roxanna, South Side, Calumet Project

Project proposes three principal planning components to the CLC grant application:

  1. Transit Oriented Development, housing and commercial development along the Indianapolis Blvd. corridor from Michigan Avenue on the south to 149th Street on the north. This step involves review of this portion of 2008 Comprehensive Plan, suggested amendments to the plan and suggested zoning amendments. This corridor passes through the Roxanna neighborhood and into the Southside and Calumet neighborhoods.

  2. Transportation coordination between South Shore passenger trains and city bus service.

  3. Marquette Corridor trail through East Chicago, from White Oak, the City's western border with the City of Hammond, eastward within the Grand Calumet River Corridor/Roxanna Marsh, crosses Indianapolis Blvd., continues eastward to Kennedy Ave. The trail will be north of the Indiana Toll Road, either to the Railroad Ave. underpass or following an abandoned rail right of way, all the way to Kennedy Ave., at which point it again enters the City of Hammond.




Urban Revitalization Planning for Downtown/Emerson and Horace Mann Project

Funding under the CLC program will be devoted to designing neighborhood redevelopment plan, through the use of planning consultants, that will utilize urban design and land use concepts to focus on increasing and improving pedestrian movement in the neighborhoods, supplement and more strategically utilize existing transportation resources, expand green spaces, and incorporate complete streets principles. Pivotal to the plan will be connectivity to local regional assets in the neighborhoods, specifically the Adam Benjamin Metro Center and the Rail Cats Stadium. Increased connectivity to other assets of regional importance, specifically, Marquette Park’s Pavilion, the Gary Bathing Beach Aquatorium, the beaches of Lake Michigan and National Park Service resources, will also be important to creating economic vitality in these neighborhoods.




Downtown Highland Kennedy Avenue Corridor Plan

This plan will identify land uses, parcels and existing buildings within the corridor that could be redeveloped or repurposed in order to create more jobs, services, and amenities for the Town's residents and visitors. Currently a mix of residential, commercial and light industrial, the plan will address potential conflicting land uses and provide a guide for adaptive reuse and infill development. The Art's District focal point will be the historic Town Theater, built in 1946 and closed since 2009. The Highland Redevelopment Commission (RDC) purchased the property and nearby lots and is currently working with an architect on rehabilitation strategies and construction costs. Additionally, the RDC will investigate potentials for public/private partnerships to advance development of this area.




Downtown Porter, Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvements Project

This project will design the new streetscape corridors of Lincoln Street, from Waverly Road to Porter Avenue, Porter Avenue, from Lincoln Street to Michigan Street, Hageman Avenue, from Lincoln Street to Hawthorne Park, and Francis Street, from Lincoln Street to Michigan Street. The designs will focus on the pedestrian experience by providing sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting at key intersections, landscaping and signage. This project will be the first step towards the implementation of the Downtown Master Plan. This plan will also address the Town’s ADA Transition Plan in the limits of the livable center, to help prioritize implementation projects of the ADA transition Plan.




Downtown Master Plan

The goal of this project is to create connectivity within and to the downtown area that does not currently exist in the town. This will allow for further development to continue and connect to downtown. As this continues through the downtown area, traffic and its associated negative consequences in the area will be reduced. In recognition of this, the Town desires to create a true streetscape and downtown environment for this area. The streetscape would incorporate pedestrian and transportation facilities such as sidewalks, intersection improvements including handicap accessible crosswalks, decorative street lighting, street furniture, bike lanes/paths and traffic calming elements involving narrower lanes and re‐striping of the roadways. This effort will also require review of the current stormwater management practices in the area of the 109th Avenue and Randolph Street intersection.



$ 495,000