Meeting Report

Listening Session for Greenways + Blueways 2020 May 27, 2015

LaPorte County Solid Waste & Water Conservation Office, 6:00‐8:00

In anticipation of the creation of the Greenways + Blueways 2020 Plan, an update of the 2007 Greenways & Blueways Plan and the 2010 Ped & Pedal Plan, a series of listening sessions were held throughout the region. The goal of these listening sessions were to gather public input to help shape the plan as the planning process moves forward.

Prior to the public comment period, notice was given to NIRPC’s stakeholders and the local media that the public comment period was to commence, and the list of meetings was included. The information was also posted on the NIRPC website. PSAs were sent to local broadcast media and NIRPC social media outlets were used to provide further notice.

A presentation was created for the series of meetings. The presentation was given at each meeting, with questions, comments, and discussion encouraged throughout the meeting. The presentation was followed by a mapping exercise where attendees could note the places where they saw opportunities and challenges. Comment cards were provided as well as information on how to provide comments after the meeting. This information was also provided at the end of the presentation. Attendees were informed that their comments would be included in a comment report that would include staff responses at the end of the process and that the report would be publicly available.

Of the three meeting participants, two filled out the participant survey. The demographic results were as follows:

o 25‐34: 1