CRP Implementation Matrix

The 2040 Plan Implementation Matrix is an ongoing record of the progress and implementation recommendations identified in the Comprehensive Regional Plan (2040 Plan).  It is designed to:

  • Develop, when needed, strategies and action steps for each related goal and objective.
  • Identify all projects/activities that are found in the 2040 Plan. New recommendations and ideas will be instituted and approved, as needed, by the Pathway to 2040 Committee.
  • Focus on special projects with tangible outcomes.
  • Review the 2040 Plan sets of implementation recommendations and action items then prioritize its recommendations. The degree of complexity, difficulty, time frame and cost of implementation of these actions vary significantly.
  • Develop a timeframe of short, medium and long term that prioritizes actions   within a constrained funding plan.
  • Identify the source of funding, financing mechanisms and authorities in order to achieve the strategy/action step.
  • Identify the role NIRPC will have in accomplishing these action steps.
  • Identify the roles Federal/State, local, and other entities will play.
  • Showcase achievements through best practices, successes and resources

2040 Plan Implementation Matrix