Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities to the Committee are to provide advisory input to the NIRPC Board, local governments, and other committees on the implementation of the CRP by:

  • Encouraging local jurisdictions to understand the CRP
  • Formulating Core Communities subcommittee of the Implementation Committee to focus on advancing those recommendations of the CRP intended to realize revitalization of the region’s historic central cities.
  • Facilitating increased understanding and meaningful discussion of social justice issues, in particular as they relate to the relationship between land use, transportation and environmental planning efforts specifically in the core communities.
  • Promoting an educational process that emphasize the importance and interdependency of regional issues related to the successful integration of land use and transportation planning such as environment, economic development, open space, water, public health, education, etc.
  • Mobilizing the NWI region through coordinated leadership and common implementation strategies.
  • Focusing on special projects with tangible outcomes.
  • Reviewing the CRP sets of implementation recommendations, action items and prioritize its recommendations.
  • Developing a five- and 10-year implementation plan that prioritizes actions within a constrained funding plan.
  • Instituting new recommendations as needed.
  • Identifying legislative initiatives relative to creating authorities and funding mechanisms for implementation.
  • Identifying local assistance needs and best practices that support enhanced local planning.
  • Monitor the progress toward achieving the recommendations