Finance and Personnel Committee

NIRPC has established a Finance and Personnel Committee composed exclusively of Commission members appointed by the Chair. This Committee exercises financial oversight, procurement, budget development, and personnel policies over Commission operations and establishes more detailed accounts. Meetings typically take place prior to Commission and Executive Board meetings where the Finance and Personnel Chair reports and presents any actions taken by the Committee.

2023 Committee Members

Wendy Mis, Chair Town of Munster – Clerk-Treasurer
Richard Hardaway, Vice-Chair Town of Merrillville – Councilman
Bob Carnahan Town of Cedar Lake – Councilman
Joshleen Denham Town of Trail Creek – Clerk-Treasurer
Jane Jordan Town of Burns Harbor- Clerk-Treasurer
Wendy Mis Town of Munster – Clerk-Treasurer
Justin Kiel Town of LaCrosse – Councilman
Don Craft Town of Porter – Councilman
George Topoll Union Township – Trustee

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