Regional Development Authority



The RDA will be a catalyst to transform the economy and quality of life in northwest Indiana.


The RDA will set high goals and a bold and intrepid vision in order to stimulate a significant economic rebirth in Northwest Indiana.

The RDA will seek to undertake projects with state and federal agencies; it will support public-private partnerships in the furtherance of its vision. The RDA will collaborate with agencies and individuals to help assure that development attends to the needs of our environment and social equity without regard to political affiliation, race, or social status.

Transparency will instill public confidence. The RDA will project differentiation and in so doing help to gain, maintain, and expand the support of public officials and the community at large.

The RDA will seek to work with individuals and government agencies without regard to political affiliation. Our vision for northwest Indiana will be inclusive and capable of being embraced by all.

Efficiency will direct the RDA to secure existing resources and preserve finances for the creation of private sector jobs. The RDA will require applicants to implement “best practices” in order to qualify for funding.

Accountability will increase prudent allocation of the RDAs resources and enhance public confidence. The RDA decision making process shall maximize the calibration of its investment and efforts at creation of desirable jobs.

Social Equity
This will allow us to conduct our business both internally and externally and direct the use of our resources in ways that respect the diversity of our region.

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