NWI 2050 Plan

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The long-range plan to 2050 for Lake, LaPorte, and Porter Counties was adopted by the NIRPC Executive Board at the May 16, 2019 meeting. The NWI 2050 Plan builds on the successes of the award-winning 2040 Plan which was the first comprehensive regional plan for our three-county region. The NWI 2050 Plan takes a bold approach by planning at the center of the linkages between transportation, the environment, land use, and economic development.

The NWI 2050 Plan utilizes updated scenario planning methods that allow our regional leaders to contend with the uncertainty the future has in store. The scenario planning process considers different possible futures that Northwestern Indiana may experience over the next thirty years. By imagining different futures, we avoid the mistake of “picking a future” we hope to have, and possibly watching an unimagined future come to pass with the wrong suite of strategies and investments to address it. Instead, by considering multiple future scenarios, our region can try and identify investments and strategies that will have a positive impact in any of the scenarios.

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NWI 2050 Plan development documents

The development of NWI 2050 consisted of significant effort, study, research, and input. Below you can find materials used in the development of NWI 2050.

NWI 2050 Plan influences and futures

New programmatic approach 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program

Performance-based planning (Pbp) framework

Draft Strategies

2050 Plan public engagement

NWI 2050 is built on the solid foundation laid by the 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan: A Vision for Northwestern Indiana. Though NWI 2050 supersedes 2040 as the region’s long range plan, links to the previous 2040 Plan and its interim update are below.

2040 Plan

2040 Plan Update Companion