NIRPC Committees

Legislative Committee

Determines NIRPC positions on priority state and federal legislation across all NIRPC planning domains and topics of local interest

Local Government Assistance Committee

Provides a forum for sharing or learning of best practices and issues related to local governments; provides training opportunity, explores funding opportunities, and local problem solving; and connects urban core communities and small towns for areas of common concern.

Technical Planning Committee  

Receives funding requests from Transportation Resource and Oversight Committees. Provides funding recommendations to Full Commission/Executive Board regarding amendments to the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  Reviews program applications and evaluates against NOFA allocations. Advises NIRPC on policies and programs related to federal transportation funding.  Considers if recommended projects support implementation of the 2040 Vision, and ensures plans and policies related to transportation, environment, and public participation, and others are technically consistent with Federal Transportation Planning Requirements and the 2040 Plan. Sets categorical funding targets and priorities for specialized committees allocating federal transportation funding for various programs.

Environmental Management and Policy Committee (EMPC)

Explore topics, policies, programs, and regulations related to such subjects as Air Quality, Water Quality, Watershed Planning, Biodiversity and Conservation, Ecosystem Services, Green Infrastructure, Brownfields,and Energy. Provides a regional convening body for complex environmental issues impacting NWI, recommending environmental policies and overseeing development of funded environmental plans and programs.   Advises NIRPC on its MPO-required Environmental Mitigation program. Establishes selection criteria and recommends transportation projects for special environmental categories eligible for transportation funding, including CMAQ Public Education, Diesel Retrofit, and miscellaneous air emission reduction projects. Also concerns itself with Transportation Alternatives Stormwater, Wildlife Mitigation, and Invasive species management.

Ped, Pedal, and Paddle Committee (“3PC”)

Explores topics, policies, programs, and regulations relevant to Trails, Complete Streets, and non-motorized transportation. Advises NIRPC on policies  and programs related to non-motorized transportation development, and provides training on best practices to local governments relating to trails, complete streets, and non-motorized transportation. Oversees development of the regional Ped and Pedal Transportation Plan, Trail Priority Map, and Blueways (Water Trail) projects.

Land Use Committee

Explores topics, policies, programs, and regulations relevant to land use, smart growth, and transit oriented development (TOD). Advises NIRPC on land use planning, demographics, GIS, and other data programs, and provide training on best practices to local governments relating to sustainable development, smart growth, land use, livable communities, and related topics. Recommend land use policies and oversee development of the Livable Centers Program, establishing selection criteria, selecting and recommending transportation projects for the Creating Livable Communities funding program.

Transit Operators Roundtable

Negotiates allocation of federal transit funding between operators and selects and recommends transit projects for funding.

Surface Transportation Committee  

Explore topics, policies, programs, and regulations relevant to street and highway transportation, as well as freight transportation planning, rail, freight-related economic development, high speed rail, and rail crossing safety. Establishes selection criteria and recommend transportation projects for STP and HSIP funding. Oversees development of Regional Transportation Plan elements of MPO-related requirements, including Congestion Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, the Highway Safety Improvement Program, Pavement Management System, and Performance Based Planning, and advises NIRPC on policies to implement these plan elements, and also advises on freight transportation needs and freight related economic development and policies to implement freight elements of the 2040 Plan. Acts as convener for local communities and stakeholders pertaining to rail and highway interactions and issues.

(The Rail Vision Workgroup/Freight Committee has been grafted into the Surface Transportation Committee above.)

Transportation Resource & Oversight Committees (Group I & Group II)

Submits project and subsequent funding requests for CMAQ, STP, TAP, HSIP.  Groups I & II meet respectively to create consensus on division of projects and funding amongst stakeholders present. Provides oversight of progress on projects that have been successfully added to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Outreach Committee

Oversees the Public Participation Plan and assists NIRPC staff with local and regional outreach, devoting special attention to and consideration of environmental justice communities for participatory inclusion in the planning process.  

Finance and Personnel Committee

Oversees routine NIRPC operations such as budget preparation, claims, human resource functions, contracts, etc.