Staff Directory

All email addresses are comprised of each staff person’s first initial, then their last

For example: Jane Doe would be (NOTE: in the event of a hyphenated last name, the hyphen should be removed. Example: Jane Doe-Smith would be

Executive Director

Warner, Ty AICP
Executive Director
Work Phone: (219) 254-2524
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Barloga, Mitch AICP
Transportation Planning Manager/Active Transportation Planner
Work Phone: (219) 254-2518
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Baum, Flor
Administrative Assistant
Work Phone: (219) 292-7410
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Birchfield, Jennifer
Natural Resources Planner
Work Phone: (219) 254-2511
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Bradsky, Charles
Transportation Projects Manager
Work Phone: (219) 254-2509
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Dow, Thomas AICP
Director of Transportation
Work Phone: 219-243-5965
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Eklund, Candice
Executive Assistant
Work Phone: (219) 254-2501
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Ibrahim, Eman
Planning Manager
Work Phone: (219) 254-2506
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Jones, Talaya
Chief Financial Officer
Work Phone: (219) 254-2514
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Kane, Denarie
Economic Development Coordinator
Work Phone: (219) 985-3368
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Kuziela, Stephanie
Work Phone: (219) 206-1557
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Luther, Kathy
Director of Environmental Programs
Work Phone: (219) 254-2513
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Manley, Marisol
Accounts Payable Clerk
Work Phone: (219) 202-8624
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Polette, Kevin
Technical Assistant
Work Phone: (219) 202-8607
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Stilwell, Meredith
Office Manager / Website Coordinator
Work Phone: (219) 254-2525
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Todd, Lisa
Procurement Coordinator
Work Phone: (219) 254-2527
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Weber, Scott
Transportation Planner / Analyst
Work Phone: (219) 254-2520
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