Economic Recovery & Resilience

NIRPC Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan

An Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan (ER&R) was completed in September 2022 by TIP Strategies of Austin, Texas after a ten-month planning process led by a 20-member Steering Committee. The ER&R Plan was funded by a CARES Act grant awarded to NIRPC in 2020 by the Economic Development Administration. The purpose of NIRPC’s ER&R Plan is to address recovery actions needed in the short term after an economic disruption occurs to return the economy in Lake Porter and LaPorte counties to its previous condition and to address how to build a future resilient regional economy. Resilience is a longer-term process that builds a strong economy that can withstand or even avoid future catastrophic economic events. The Action Plan portion of the ER&R Plan includes strategies and actions for recovery and resiliency.

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Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Economic Explorer

This Tableau workbook allows users to view data describing the economic health of the NIRPC region (Lake, LaPorte, and Porter counties) as well as state and national benchmarks through interactive charts and figures. Charts are grouped into categories based on the content.

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National Economic Resilience Data Explorer

In partnership with the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), Argonne developed the National Economic Resilience Data Explorer (NERDE) to provide a variety of users across the country with data to assist in local economic recovery and resilience analysis. The NERDE Economic Development District tool can be utilized by governments, academia and industry to look at specific areas within the United States to assist communities recovery from periods of economic distress.