Land Use Programs

In an effort to encourage smart growth, sustainable development, and land use decisions that support transit and reduce regional traffic congestion, and support for better growth management remaining at high levels, NIRPC proposes programs that support linking transportation investments with land use decisions.  NIRPC uses current transportation funds [STP, CMAQ, Transportation Alternative Projects (TAP), FTA, etc.] to support these programs.

As a major defining element of the 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan, Livable Centers have been conceptually defined in each of the 41 established communities in Northwest Indiana. NIRPC’s programs promote transportation investment and redevelopment in the places where we already live and work to create a better range of working, housing and travel choices. It allows us to preserve our environmental assets and use our dollars more efficiently to create livable, pedestrian-friendly communities that offer a high quality of life for all residents.

Creating Livable Communities