The Marquette Plan 2015: The Lake Shore Reinvestment Strategy

The Marquette Plan 2015 serves to integrate the vision and strategies of these two earlier phases, by establishing more consistency amongst the plan’s priorities and policy frameworks, across the entire region. This update celebrates successes achieved since the plan’s inception, identify challenges towards implementation, explore new opportunities, and review shifts in the economic development, environmental conservation, and neighborhood development goals across different sub areas of Northwest Indiana’s lakefront. Marquette Plan Update 2015 - Cover

The Marquette Plan 2015 builds on the vision and principles of the original phased plan. It continues to emphasize the importance of Lake Michigan as the greatest natural asset of our region, and the need to increase public access to its shoreline. The plan prioritizes improving the physical, social, and economic connections throughout Northwest Indiana’s lakefront communities, expanding and improving the region’s trail and transportation infrastructure, and protecting the long term health of our environment and natural resources.

  • Marquette Plan 2015: PDF