Coffee Creek Watershed

The Coffee Creek watershed planning area covers an area of approximately 15.7 square mile in northeastern Porter County.  In includes the western half of the Sand Creek-Coffee Creek subwatershed.  The plan’s development was coordinated by the Coffee Creek Watershed Conservancy and was completed in 2003.  The primary concerns identified by stakeholders were combined sewer overflows (CSOs), increased runoff, pathogens, sedimentation/erosion, thermal pollution, impervious surface cover, and loss of species diversity/habitat.  Save the Dunes is currently coordinating the development of a watershed management plan through 319 program funding from IDEM for the East Branch Little Calumet River which includes Coffee Creek.  The East Branch Little Calumet River watershed management plan will incorporate pertinent information from the 2003 Coffee Creek plan and provide a foundation for future water quality restoration strategies.

For information about the 2003 Coffee Creek Watershed Management Plan please refer to the links below.