Employment Opportunities


Two medical plans are provided for employees, with 85% of the premiums subsidized by NIRPC.

Dental and Vision insurance are available. Premiums are pre-tax payroll deductions.

NIRPC contributes bi-annually to HSA accounts for staff enrolled in employer group medical coverage. Employees may also take advantage of pre-tax payroll deduction HSA contributions.

NIRPC employees are required to participate in the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS). NIRPC currently covers both employer (11.2%) and employee (3%) required contribution amounts, equaling 14.2% of an employee’s gross wages.

NIRPC offers a Section 457 deferred compensation plan for eligible that is administered by Mission Square Retirement. Employees enrolled in the program may take advantage or pre-tax payroll deductions for their contributions.

NIRPC provides employees with Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. Coverage is provided at 1 times earnings up to a maximum.

Employees may choose to enroll in voluntary term life insurance at their own expense.

NIRPC provides employees Short-Term (STD) and Long-Term (LTD) disability at no cost to employees. 

Employees earn vacation and personal time. Availability and accrual rate are subject to tenure requirements. NIRPC provides 13 paid holidays.

Employee Assistance is provided to employees to assist in overcoming personal issues, with access to master-degreed counselors 24-hours a day. 

NIRPC has no open job opportunities at this time.