Thursday, May 25, 2017 NIRPC Lake Michigan Room

Kathy Kniola, Chair Will Farrellbegg, Vice-Chair

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    1. South Shore Trails - Update

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    1. f'eatur-e Vr-e§entati()n: STEVE BUCHTEL & TRAILS FOR ILLINOIS UPDATE




A. NWI Paddling Association - Update


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Project Updates



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General Announcements (upcoming rides, events, etc} (Nat'I Trails Day June 3rd!)


Next 3PC Meeting -Thursday, June 22, 2017 @ NIRPC

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Committee Meeting ~ NIRPC April 27, 2017

Members & Guests Aaron Borngraber, Mark Schreiber, Robert Boklund, John Novacich, Tonya Garland, Steve Antonetti, George Topoll, Craig Zandstra, Al Walus, Zully Alvarado, Jan Dick, Will Farrellbegg, Mark O’Dell, Walter Lenckos, Shannon Eason, Bob Huffman, Don Parker, Mark Gordish

Staff – Mitch Barloga, Meredith Stilwell

In the absence of Chair Kniola, Jan Dick was asked to chair the meeting. The meeting was called to order with self-introductions. Mitch informed the Committee a new Vice Chair is needed and suggested Town of Lowell Councilman, Will Farrellbegg, and he accepted. After approval at the next NIRPC Commission Meeting, Commissioner Farrellbegg will be the new 3PC Vice Chair.


A. South Shore Trails Update –

SST is participating in National bike month and week in May, Pierogi Fest and the Airshow in July. They are also helping local groups to form trail committees and advocacy groups and assisting communities with bicycle friendly status, National Bike Challenge and complete streets.


Steve Antonetti reported the Valparaiso bike share started April 19 with 74 unique rides the first four days. 17 annual memberships have been established so far. The most popular bike station traffic patterns go from one of the VU bike stations to the corner of Indiana and Michigan downtown. The website is and the link will be located on the City’s website as well.

A. Feature Presentation: Porter County 2017 Parks & Rec Master Plan – Walter Lenckos The project was completed mostly in-house, with only a needs assessment survey conducted by a consultant. Limiting factors that currently exist; directions that people wanted the agency to take and the business plans that need to be built those areas of growth needed to be identified. Water, transportation corridors, tourism and partnerships were looked at and of the 14 actions that Porter County Parks and Recreation could take to improve, providing environmental protection was the most important. Porter County is the ninth most populous county in the State and the only one that is growing. Older adults and millennials are growing populations and ethnic diversity is growing as well.

Economic factors included housing trends, 42% or more of Porter County lives in an unincorporated area and transportation being a key growth driver. Funding for accessibility and universal design is being submitted as part of the 2018 budget. Marketing and communications will be a big focus regarding ADA. The public participation component of the Plan included 5,000 randomized surveys with 460 total responses. Most of the data was consistent with 2012 results. Trends reflect a walking, biking, hiking, jogging community and those activities are far above anything else. Sunset Hill Farm County Park is the most frequently used park facility with festivals being the main activity it is used for. Over 75% of households responding to the survey indicated they would support some level of increased tax funding for the types of improvements that are important to them. Levels of service to benchmark include acres

per capita; financial health; program and facility usage; trail usage and miles of trails available; and quality of facilities. The Park Board adopted a new facilities plan that was developed using overlaying GIS data, trends, and the priority trails map. The priorities and action schedule includes maintenance of equipment and facilities; program development; public relations and communications; land acquisition; and financial growth and stability.


A. NWI Paddling Association –

Upcoming events were announced and include a ribbon cutting for an accessible path and kayak re-entry and surf and rescue training April 29 at the Douglas Center, Indiana birding fest tour May 6, Little Calumet Paddle on May 20, and Trail Creek Float on June 4. Rising water levels in Michigan City has caused issues and closure of the Hanson Park ADA kayak launch. The issues will be remedied and the launch should reopen by May 2.

Grab Bag

  1. Project Updates

  2. Emerging Trends Video – Lakewood, Ohio: The Suburb Where Everyone Can Walk to School

  3. General Announcements

  4. Next 3PC Meeting is Thursday, May 25, 2017

The meeting adjourned at 2:50.


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