Part Ill: Program of Projects and Related Information

Introduction and Summary. This Part Ill contains two lists of projects-one for highway and bicycle/pedestrian projects and one for public transit projects. Also included is semi-technical information that describes how to print the list, followed by a description of terms used in the list (including column headers), and information on how to contact NIRPC.

The list of INDOT and LPA-funded non-transit projects identifies 438 projects or project phases with a total value of approximately $423 million (with federal funds of about $342 million). The list of transit projects identifies 211 projects with a projected total cost of $1.163 billion ($584 million federal). There are also two Nationa l Park Service projects listed with a cost of $2.2 million.

Page Numbering. The lists of projects have their own page numbering system. The lists begin immediately following the text in this Part Ill.

1. INDOT Sponsored Projects Page 1

2. Local Highway-Related Projects Page 36

3. National Park Service Projects Page 58

4. Public Transit Projects Page 59

Printing the List of Projects. The list is formatted to print in landscape mode on standard 8.5" x 11" paper.

The list was prepared in Microsoft Excel 2013. It is being forwa rded (via e­ mail) to our planning partners as an independent worksheet file. A pdf version is being posted on our website. However, a copy of the Excel file will be provided to any person requesting it. Please e-mail written requests to nirpc@

Contacting NIRPC. Persons with questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this document are encouraged to contact NIRPC, either via telephone at 219.763.6060, via e-mail at or comments@, or over the internet at Individuals with hearing impairments may contact us through the Indiana Relay 711 system by calling 711or (800) 743-3333.

Using the List of Projects: Types of Federal Funds. Following the list is a key to the Federal funding codes used in the TIP. The TIP programs funds from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and U.S. Federa l Transit Administration (FTA).


Acronym Description

Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality Program for Lake & Porter

CMAQ Chicago UZA


CMAQ Mich City UZA Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality Program for LaPorte County

FTA 5307 Chicago UA FTA Urbanized Area Formula Grants (Chicago Urbanized Area) FTA Urbanized Area Formula Grants (Michigan City Urbanized

FTA 5307 Mich City UA


SOGR FTA Section 5336 Rail State of Good Repair Capital Grants

FTA 5310 Chicago UA FTA Section 5310 Program (Chicago Urbanized Area)

FTA 5339 Chicago UA FTA Section 5339 Bus Capital Program (Chicago Urbanized Area)

100% Local No Federal Funds Used

FHWA NHPP-Interstate FHWA National Highway Performance Program-Interstate FHWA NHPP-NHS FHWA National Highway Performance Program-NHS System

FHWA STBG (State) FHWA Surface Transportation Program (State)

FHWA STBG Sec 130 FHWA Surface Transportation Program (State) Rail Crossing

FHWA Bridge (Loca l) FHWA Bridge Program (Local) Program FHWA Highway Safety Improvement

Program (HSIP)


FHWA Safe Routes to Schools Self-Explanatory. (2012 & prior)

FHWA STBG Group I FHWA Surface Transportation Program (Large Urban)

FHWA STBG Group II FHWA Surface Transportation Program (Small Urban)

FHWA STBG Group Ill FHWA Surface Transportation Program (Smaller Urban)

FHWA STBG Group IV FHWA Surface Transportation Program (Smallest Urban/Rural)

PYB Chicago UA Prior Year Balance Funds from SFY 2014 (Chicago UZA)

PYB Mich City UA Prior Year Balance Funds .from SFY 2014 {Michigan Clty UZA) SAFETEA-LU High Priority Demonstration (Earmark) funds appropriated by Congress Demo Demonstration {Earmark) funds appropriated by Congress

TEA-21 High Priority Demonstration (Earmark) funds appropriated by Congress

FHWA TAP {State) FHWA Transportation Alternatives Program (State-Controlled)

FHWA TAP FHWA Transportation Alternatives Program (Local)

Using the List of Projects: Column Headings. Following is a brief explanation of the column headings a nd the type of information that is found under each.

Line: This is a sequential number assigned to each line on this report. It is subject to change as new projects are added and is useful to have (along with the print date) if you are contacting NIRPC about a particular project. This will allow us to locate the project more quickly.

DES: This is a project number assigned to projects by INDOT. It is extensively used by NIRPC and INDOT. It is very helpful to have the project's DES number when contacting NIRPC or INDOT regarding a project in the TIP. (DES numbers are also assigned to transit projects.) If the word "Pending" appears in this column, this means that a DES number has not yet been assigned to the project.

Sponsor Name: This is simply the identity of the party responsible for implementing the project. This may be INDOT, or another unit of government (such as a city, town, or county).

Route: The name of the affected street, road, or INDOT Highway route.

Work Category: The general category of work to be performed. Assigned by INDOT.

Work Type: The type of work to be performed beneath the particular category of work. Assigned by INDOT.

Location and/or Additional Details: For projects that can be identified geographically, such as roadway or bicycle/pedestrian trail projects, this field will identify the beginning and ending points of the project. Sometimes there is other information contained in this field that is thought to be helpful to the reader.

(Cost to Complete Information is provided in this field for the few projects listed for which a construction phase is not programmed.)

County: This is the primary county in which the work associated with the project will take place. In some INDOT projects the word "Various" will appear-this means that work under the project will be performed in more than one county.

DES Length: For roadway reconstruction or trail projects, the length (miles) is displayed .

Federal Fund Type: This is the federal aid program which will be used to cover project costs. Please note that some projects have multiple sources of federal aid. These are usually displayed together consecutively.

Phase Code: This is primarily for construction projects. PE means Preliminary Engineering, RW means Right of Way Services (such as title searches, abstract fees, etc.) and/or Land, Improvements, and Damages. CN refers to actual Construction, which includes the contract cost, construction engineering, and materials and inspection fees. Stand-alone planning projects carry a PE or PL phase code.

Year: This DOES NOT refer to the calendar year. This refers to the State Fiscal Year in which the funds are expected to be obligated. Indiana's fiscal year runs from July through June. For example, State Fiscal Year 2016 will begin on July 1, 2015 and will end on June 30, 2016.

Total Cost: This is the anticipated total cost of performing the indicated phase. For projects that have multiple sources of federal aid, it will be necessary to manually compute the Grand Total cost for the particular phase.

Federal Funds: This is the anticipated level of federal aid presently allocated to the indicated project phase.

Non-Federal (Funds): This is the anticipated level of non-federal funding that is presently allocated to the indicated project phase. Non-Federal funds may include state and/or local funds.

Non-Exempt (NE) or Regionally Significant (RS): Non-exempt projects are those that have been found to add capacity (and emissions) to the transportation network and are subject to the Federal Clean Air Act, as amended and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Transportation Air Quality Conformity Regulation (40 CFR 93).

Regionally Significant projects are those which meet the standards identified in our own Regional Significance Policy, adopted in 2008.

Using the List of Projects: Other Information.

Projects are organized differently within their respective part of the lists:

Local Projects are organized by Sponsor Name.

The names of some project sponsors have been abbreviated. Following a re the abbreviations (acronyms) followed by the proper name of the sponsor:

GPTC-Gary Public Transportation Corporation LaPorte-City of LaPorte (not LaPorte County)

NICTD-Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District NIRPC-Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission North-North Township Government (Lake County)

OE-Opportunity Enterprises, Inc.

Porter-Town of Porter (not Porter County)

Porter CACS-Porter County Aging & Community Services, Inc. Southlake-South Lake County Community Services, Inc.