Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:00 A.M. at NIRPC Dune Room

  1. Call to Order by Chairman Greg Stinson

  2. Approval of the minutes of October meeting

  3. Regional Land Use Planning

    1. Regional Land Use Data Update Eman Ibrahim

    2. Parcel-Based/ Aerial Photography Land Use Data Presentation Ryan Bennett

    3. Regional Food System Council Gabrielle Biciunas

  4. First BRT System in NWI / Broadway Corridor Presentation David Wright

  5. Communities Update Everyone

  6. Announcements

    1. Next Meeting March 21, 2018.

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Land Use Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Members & Visitors: Greg Stinson, Justin Kiel, George Malis, George Topoll, Nick Bellar, Brian Poland, Sergio Mendoza, David Wright, A J Monroe

NIRPC Staff: Eman Ibrahim, Gabrielle Biciunas, Stephen Sostaric, Scott Weber Carolyn Brown

Call to Order by Chairman

Chairman Stinson called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.

Approval of the minutes of June 21, 2017 Meeting

On motion by , seconded by , the June 21, 2017 minutes were approved as presented.

Regional Land Use Planning

  1. US 30 Coalition –Stephen Sostaric, NIRPC

    Gave an overview of The US 30 Coalition, which meets every couple of months, and was formed to create a Freeway on US 30. This Coalition is looking to eliminate number of stop lights. There are two representatives from each county. The project area begins from the intersection of State Road 49 and US 30 in Valparaiso, east to the Ohio State Line. One of the goals is to provide that good connection to Toll Rd I-94 through State Rd 49. The aim of this project is to promote safety and economic benefits.

  2. Regional Corridor Study Implementation – Eman Ibrahim, NIRPC

    This study was adopted last year by the Commission. We were looking at how to group and connect roads. There are thirteen interchanges along 80/94 but only five of them are connected to US 30. Criteria were developed and utilized to rank high priorities corridors to improve congestion in the region. This information is on NIRPC’s Website.

    Scott Weber, NIRPC

    He presented a proposal on connecting Main St. to Illinois. Three different scenarios were looked at. A regular two lane cross section, a two lane with continuing left turn lane and a four lane facility. Only the four lane facility was able to reduce congestion.

    Applying Sensible Growth in your Community Presentation – Eman Ibrahim, NIRPC

    NIRPC published the Sensible Tools Handbook in 2007 to help the Commissioners planners, developers, and Mayors make right decisions for their communities involving planning, redevelopment, roads, housing, and green infrastructures. It’s a tool for leaders who don’t have a background for planning. Another training for Commissioners and city Leaders will be scheduled in the future. This workbook is also located on NIRPC’s website.

    Community Update

    Sergio Mendoza

    1. City of Hobart will be signing off for a parcel of 6 acres along Lake George for a conservation easement.

    2. Tomorrow at 1pm Hobart is having a Transit Public Hearing with SLC Community.

    3. Hobart wants to partner to issue a RFP for a sub-area plan, for the Hobart Marsh Conservation Ordinance and Deep River sub-area plan.

Eman Ibrahim, NIRPC

Eman stated that there will be a Livable Community Grant coming in July 2018 for CLC for construction.


a. Next Meeting: January 17, 2018 at 10am.

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.