Surface Transportation Committee (STC) Meeting – August 7, 2018 Agenda

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM, NIRPC Lake Michigan Room

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Chair)

  2. Public Comment (Chair)

  3. Approval of June 5, 2018 Minutes (Chair) pp. 2-3

  4. Presentation: Port of Indiana Burns Harbor 2017 FASTLANE Grant Projects (Ian Hirt)

  5. Action on Report 18-01, NIRPC Priorities for INDOT Statewide Corridor Planning Study, pp. 4-17

  6. INDOT Letting Report (Stephan Summers)

  7. NIRPC Staff Updates (Scott Weber)

    1. 2050 Plan Update

    2. Transportation Performance Measures Update

    3. 2018 Household Travel Survey Update

    4. Air Quality Post Processor Model Update

    5. Congestion Management Process (CMP) Update

    6. Freight Update: Designating Critical Urban and Critical Rural Freight Corridors

  8. Other Business (Chair)

  9. Adjourn (Chair)


Surface Transportation Committee Meeting

NIRPC Dunes Room June 5, 2018

Chairman Tom Schmitt called the meeting to order at 9:03 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and self- introductions. He introduced Candi Eklund, NIRPC’s new Administrative Assistant. Present were Tom Schmitt, Schererville Town Council; Christine Cid, Lake County Council; George Topoll, Union Township Trustee; Dean Button, City of Hammond; Stephan Summers, INDOT; Ian Hirt, the Ports of Indiana.

NIRPC staff present were Trey Wadsworth, Scott Weber, Oscar Castillo, Dominique Edwards, Candi Eklund and Mary Thorne.

There was no public comment.

Minutes. The February 6, 2018 minutes were approved on a motion by Christine Cid and a second by Dean Button. Not having a chair or vice chair present, the April 3 was declared an informal meeting and no approval of those notes was necessary.

Valparaiso University Reliability and Congestion Measures. Scott Weber gave a presentation on the Reliability and Congestion Measures. Thanks to Karl Schmitt, Dan Herschel and Nathan Randle, students from Valparaiso University, assisted NIRPC in locating reliability and congestion data for major roadways in Northwest Indiana. INDOT has set targets and NIRPC has a deadline of November 16, 2018 to either adopt INDOT’s or create their own targets. TMC shapefiles and CSVs files were used to collect data to find the percentage of reliable calculations for traffic and travel times and vehicle miles traveled. Congestion calculations were used to find threshold travel time for TMC, excessive delay time, excessive delay hour and peak hours excessive delay travel times. Preliminary analyses showed non-interstate TMC gave no readings; some were missing fields and 9 were excluded due to data limitations. The students used the SQL method and Python methods. Congestion calculations used postgre SQL and Python methods. Reliability on interstates was 83%. For INDOT’s 2-year it was 90.5% and in the 4-year it was 92.8%. Reliability non-interstate was 95%, and 89.8% in INDOT’s 4-year targets. Congestion was 5.4 PHED (peak hours excessive delay) per capita and 4-years was 15.5%. Northwest Indiana’s performance was slightly less reliable than the rest of the state. Congestion in Northwest Indiana is well below the state’s targets. CMAP has their own targets. This was for the whole Chicago urbanized area, but the students did not have access to the Illinois data. Mapping for both reliability and congestion was done by the students using ArcGIS. This data will give us better information to make decisions on either supporting INDOT’s targets or doing our own targets. The data will help in calculating other traffic metrics and with future work.

INDOT Letting Report. Stephan Summers gave the INDOT Letting Report. All April contracts went through. R40386 (DES 1298567) will move to the January 2019 letting; R39809 (DES 1592854) and R36665 (DES 1593209) were moved to the August 2018 letting. R40126 (DES 1700406) was moved to the July letting. All projects but one will be let this year.

2050 Plan Update. Scott Weber said several public comment meetings were held in April and May. Staff completed the first phase of development revising the vision statement. Results will go to the Technical Planning Committee on July 10 and to the Commission on July 19. NIRPC completed public outreach for this phase. The second phase on influences on our future. The August 7 Surface Transportation


Committee will discuss the plan in detail. Dominique Edwards is working on public outreach strategy and Trey Wadsworth is leading the process.

Transportation Performance Measures Update. Scott Weber referred to the summary of all Federal Highways transportation performance measures chart was organized into categories.

The official targets will be vetted by the committees with final approval by the Commission. There is no penalty from FHWA if these targets are not met.

2018 Household Travel Survey Update. Scott Weber said the survey is being coordinated with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP). We expect data collection in Northwest Indiana will begin in September, once summer travel is over.

Air Quality Post Processor Model Update. Scott Weber said the model will allow for more efficiency in keeping emissions within budgets.

Congestion Management Process Update. Scott Weber said the USDOT certification review requires us to update our MP. We have a lot of data from the MPRDS but there is still a lot it doesn’t cover, like data for local roads. We will gather travel time data for those roads. We identified gaps in 33 road segments in Lake County, 9 in Porter county and 5 in LaPorte County. Data collection will take place throughout the summer and fall.

Freight Update. Scott Weber said NIRPC staff learned a lot from attending the 2018 rail supply chain summit held in Chicago, including the latest trends, positive train control, inland waterway maritime shipping. There is a major construction project on the Illinois River Corridor between Ottawa and Joliet which could mean more truck traffic on I-80.

Other Business. Christine Cid asked about finding charging stations when traveling. ChargePoint is the world's largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the US, Europe, Australia. Plug Share and Charge Hub are two others.

On a motion by Christine Cid and a second by George Topoll, Tom Schmitt adjourned the meeting at 9:55 a.m.




August 7, 2018

RECOMMENDED that the Surface Transportation Committee recommends notes about the conditions of candidate corridors for the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Statewide Corridor Planning Study to the Indiana Department of Transportation for use on that study.


Tom Schmitt Chairperson



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Notes for INDOT’s Statewide Corridor

Planning Study



State routes 49, 51, 912 and US routes 6, 20, 35, 41, and 421


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