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At the onslaught of the pandemic, NIRPC postponed all public meetings until May 2020 and is adhering to the following procedures in regard to public participation guidelines under the Indiana Governor’s Executive Order 20-04, 20-09, and 20-25:

  1. NIRPC’s Technical Planning Committee, Finance & Personnel Committee and Executive Board/Commission meetings for May will be held virtually.

  2. Other scheduled committee meetings have been canceled according to NIRPC’s meeting notice procedure, which includes electronic distribution to our email distribution lists, social media, stakeholders, and interested parties.

  3. NIRPC is suspending meetings of its topical subcommittees until further notice.

  4. As additional meetings are scheduled, the public, as always, can access meeting packets and agendas via the NIRPC website at (“Upcoming Events” in the sidebar, or via the Events Calendar found directly in the center of the homepage). Notices for meetings are sent via email to those members of the public that have freely subscribed to receive these notices. NIRPC’s electronic notification processes were already extensive and are unchanged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. The public can also review Engage NWI, NIRPC’s Public Participation Plan (“People & Leaders” “Public Participation” from NIRPC’s homepage, or found directly at

  6. NIRPC TIP Amendments were already out for public comment in March prior to the pandemic and our public comment procedure was not impacted by the change in our work environment. Comments were received and responded to and will be reflected in a public comment report.

    May 7, 2020

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  7. As conditions continue, NIRPC will utilize its current workflow to obtain and report public comments for future potential TIP amendments. The NIRPC workflow includes: issuing a press release to notify the public, stakeholders, and interested parties that the TIP amendment is available for public comment; following Engage NWI in regard to the TIP amendment procedure for length of public comment; obtaining the public comment; NIRPC staff responding to comments; development of the public comment report; and report out to the Technical Planning Committee and NIRPC Executive Board/Full Commission.

  8. The NIRPC website and social media pages have been continually updated, communicating our working status, COVID-19 resources for our residents, businesses, and local governments and COVID-19 Northwestern Indiana

    Cases Dashboard.

  9. NIRPC’s Public Participation Planner is trained in Communications specific to COVID-19 and MPOs to develop and communicate content relative to our agency and region.

  10. NIRPC’s Public Participation Planner is working to test various meeting platforms that allow virtual meetings to be streamed live to allow the public the ability to participate in meetings.

  11. The public can access information on our social media platforms which are located directly on our homepage at

  12. Meetings that are held virtually will be uploaded to NIRPC’s YouTube

channel for the public to view.

May 7, 2020

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