Addendum 1: Questions & Answers March 7, 2022

RFQ 22-07.01: Develop List of Qualified Vendors to Supply and Deliver Live Native Indiana Trees

Q1. Can you clarify where the compliance Federal requirements list is that we are asked to sign for?

A1. Sign the certifications in Exhibits B.1-B.5 which are required under certain Federal and State regulations. Under Item #15 in the body of the RFQ is states you much comply with all Equal Opportunity laws and regulations

Q2. Related to submitting a response to the Request for Qualifications, if we were already on a vendor list for similar projects are we required to re-submit a Statement of Qualifications to stay on the vendor list?

A2. Previously approved vendors must submit a complete response to the current RFQ, including qualifications, certifications, and all other materials specified in the RFQ to be considered as future vendors. NIRPC has issued the current RFQ to update the vendor list in accordance with updated organizational, state and federal requirements.