Public Comment Report

Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission

November 25, 2015

The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) convened a public comment period to gather input on an amendment that would add the updated Functional Classification System to the 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan (CRP) Update. The comment period began October 19, 2015 and ended on November 20, 2015.

One public meeting was held throughout the region during the month of March. The meeting schedule was held on November 4, 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the Construction Advancement Foundation Training Center in Portage.

As required in the 2014 Public Participation Plan (PPP), a meeting report was prepared following the meeting and made available online at

In addition to the public meeting, comments could also be submitted by email to, by telephone at 219‐763‐6060, ext. 160, or by United States Postal Service.

The following pages contain the comments received, the manner in which the comments were considered by staff, whether or not the comments are considered significant, and if there was a need to modify the documents.


Manner Considered by Staff


Need to Modify?

Comment Received via Email

  1. The City of Hammond does not use east or north in its street addresses.

  2. At Lincoln Avenue and 119th Street, Reese is a Street, not Avenue.

The majority of problems mentioned involve the base map used for this. We used Open Street Map as our base layer because it was the best for our needs, and the problems were able to be easily edited. Based on our meetings with Hammond staff, and later with a group of people from the Indiana Depertment of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration, it was agreed upon that J.F. Mahoney Drive and Kenwood Street function as minor collectors. This was based on the fact that J.F. Mahoney was used to collect neighborhood traffic, and that Kenwood Street was more likely to be used than some of the surrounding roads to cross the border into Illinois.


Nothing beyond edits for accuracy.

3) At 121st Street and Indianapolis Blvd., Lakeview is a Street, not Avenue.

4) At Calumet and 129th Street by the Lost Marsh Golf Course, it is not Dickey Road. It is

129th Street.

5) By 136th, Sheffield Avenue, and 137th Street, Victoria Avenue does not run north of 137th Street. This is an unnamed private drive within the trailer


6) At Sheffield Avenue and Marble Street, the block west of Wabash is not Chicago Street, it is a part of Marble Street.

7) Chicago throughout all of Hammond is a Street, and not West Chicago Avenue. Chicago Avenue stops at the East Chicago City limits/White Oak Avenue. Our street number system runs west to east, and a designation of West implies the opposite direction of how the street numbers would run.

8) Michigan Street is mislabeled through Hammond. It is mislabeled as Carrol Street from Hohman Avenue to White Oak Avenue. From my understanding of East Chicago, the street ROW changes its name in E.C. is Carroll Street for the diagonal portion of the street, before changing to Michigan for both Hammond and E.C. on the E-W portion. Continuing on, your source then changes

the name of the street to 5th Avenue east of Indianapolis Blvd. which is picking up the name it is in Gary.

9) Around Indi-Illi Park, Locust is a Street, not Avenue. Indi-Illi Parkway does not go east of Hohman Avenue. It is Humpher Street.

  1. Cabela Drive is incorrectly labeled as Interstate Plaza Drive. Cabela Drive is on the west side of Indianapolis. Interstate Plaza is on the east side.

  2. South of 173rd Street, east of Woodmar Avenue, the green space Is not a City Park. It is the open space/wetlands of Purdue Calumet.

  3. 171 Street is incorrectly being shown between Woodmar Avenue and Ontario Avenue. This was vacated 20 years ago and is now a part of the campus.

  4. At the Southeast quadrant of I80 and Kennedy Avenue, the black street lines are for streets that do not exist. The curving street is mislabeled. It is Carlson Drive.

  5. At the Southwest quadrant, it is mislabeled. It is Corrine Drive.

    1. I am not sure why you marked J. F. Mahoney Drive as a minor collector.

    2. I am not sure why you mark Kenwood Street between State Line Avenue and Hohman Avenue as a minor collector.

    3. The base map does not show the circle street of Forest Avenue at 165th Street. Forest Avenue and the portion of Moraine Avenue south of

165th do not intersect with 165th.