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6100 Southport Road

Portage, Indiana 46368

(219) 763-6060


Request for Quotes

Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC)

PROCUREMENT #: 22-02.01

PROJECT NAME: Office Disaster and Resiliency Plan

OBJECTIVE: The Commission desires to engage a qualified firm with expertise in disaster and emergency response planning and prevention. The selected firm will be responsible for developing an Office Disaster and Resiliency Plan to serve the employees who work at the physical location of the Commission’s office located at 6100 Southport Road, Portage, Indiana. The office is leased from the City of Portage Redevelopment Commission. While the Plan is solely for the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, there are three other tenants (Portage Economic Development Corporation, the Northwest Indiana Forum, and CEC CUSTOMS Company, Inc.) that presently share the building.

SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: All quotes must be received by 12:00pm CT on March 25, 2022.

SCOPE OF WORK: An Office Disaster and Resiliency Plan (Plan) is needed to address short-term and long-term impacts should a disruption or disastrous event happen during working hours and/or at the office location and to prepare for the prevention of disruptions or disasters. A Consultant is sought to provide multi-faceted expertise to prepare the Plan. The Plan will formulate and develop strategies to recover from the effects of a disruption or disaster including the current pandemic. The Plan will serve as a path for workplace functional recovery and a guide to prepare for and sustain future disruptions, disasters, and recoveries. All or a portion of the Plan is also intended to become a Supplemental Document for adoption and inclusion in the Employee Handbook under IX Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness. The Plan is specific to an office location at 6100 Southport Road, Portage, Indiana.

The Commission desires to procure the services of a highly qualified consultant or multi-consultant team to perform a scope of work based on the following items of concern. Services to be provided include in part, an analysis of current conditions and recommendations for change or adoption of new procedures, mitigation measures, or policies. Include any site visits recommended during the performance of the scope of work for certain items.

  1. Methodology and procedure for assessing the health of the built environment

    1. Air quality

    2. Fresh air intake

    3. HVAC evaluation

    4. CO2 monitoring

    5. Pathogen monitoring

    6. Building materials

    7. Mold

  2. Fire Safety

    1. Exits and Evacuation of Premises

    2. Other Fire Safety issues

  3. Record Security/Availability

    1. On and off site

    2. Cybersecurity (coordination with NIRPC’s IT consultant will be required)

  4. Medical emergencies

    1. Staff

    2. Guests

  5. Weather emergencies

    1. Tornado/Severe Thunderstorms

    2. Earthquake

    3. Snow and Ice/Blizzard

  6. Temporary shelter for staff and guests

    1. Potable water

    2. Food provisions

  7. Bomb and Other Threats

    1. Active shooter scenario

    2. Hostile intruder

    3. Meeting and entry security

  8. Other Disrupting Events

    1. Utility breaks

    2. Hazardous material spills/Industrial releases

    3. Pandemic

    4. Suspicious Package

  9. Non-Fire related Evacuation of Premises and Vicinity

  10. Training and Prevention Recommendations

  11. Leadership during Disaster, Emergency or Crisis Event including Media inquiries

If additional funding becomes available during contract term or prior to contract execution, additional scope of work items may be negotiated at additional cost for inclusion in the Office Disaster and Resiliency Plan if mutually acceptable to both parties. Please identify what Proposer may recommend for inclusion under this circumstance and proposed cost.

ELIGIBILITY: Proposers must not be on the U.S. Government Excluded Parties List System of ineligible firms. This plan is being funded with federal funds from the Economic Development Administration. As such, the project will be developed in a manner which satisfies all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations. If selected, the Consultant must be able to verify that they can meet the following terms and conditions:

1. 24 CFR Part 85.36.

  1. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  2. Conflict of Interest (24 CFR Part 570).

  3. Access to records.

  4. Executive Order 11246 - Equal Employment Opportunity

  5. Executive Order 12138 - Women Business Enterprise Policy.

  6. Architectural Barrier Act of 1968.

  7. Age Discrimination Act of 1975.

  8. Section 3 Clause - Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968.

  9. Section 504 - Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

  10. Retention and Custodial Requirements (24 CFR Part 85.42).

  11. Executive Order 11063.

  12. Affirmative Action Program / Plan.

  13. Davis Bacon and Related Acts

    PRICING: Total cost not-to-exceed $24,000. EVALUATION: Competitive Procurement

    DELIVERABLES TIMELINE: Proposer is to provide the following as Project Deliverables in written form in electronic format:

Proposer will prepare and submit monthly progress reports of tasks accomplished no later than five

(5) days after the end of each month. Monthly meetings shall be held to keep everyone involved up to date with the progress of the plan and for discussion of any issues or items that might arise during the plan.

The Proposer must be able to complete and provide all deliverables no later than June 30, 2022. The Commission has applied for a grant extension through December of 2022 that is pending approval by the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The Commission anticipates knowing if that extension has been granted in April and will confirm the project deadline with the chosen Proposer prior to entering into an agreement and providing a notice to proceed on the project.

CONTRACT: Signed Agreement

PAYMENT: The Commission shall make periodic payments to the Contractor for services rendered in conjunction with the signed Agreement.

EMAIL QUOTES/RESPONSES TO: Lisa Todd, Procurement Coordinator, ltodd@nirpc.org. COMMENTS: Please direct all questions to Denarie Kane via email only to dkane@nirpc.org.